Thursday, December 22, 2011


David and I were able to get to the Hollydazzle parade this year, on the very last day even. The night was perfect, although it was a little breezy. We found a great place to stand and watch.
I didn't bring my big camera, but I did have my phone, and I was able to get a few photos. They aren't great, but then the photos I take with my big camera aren't very good either. That's alright though, I like them


I made eight different kinds of cookies for Christmas this year. I even made brownies and chocolate crinkles, without so much as one taste of that wonderful, chocolatey goodness. The cookie making went very well, and I didn't feel at all stressed. I figure it went so well because I wasn't eating any chocolate.
Unfortunately, my poor husband, (and me) found out that I should probably stay away from sugar too. It's not remotely as bad as chocolate, but it isn't a good feeling. It makes me want to eat a handful of raw green beans.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Productive day...

I had the best day today. I had tons of energy and got loads done.
It all started at 10:00 this morning at church, in the library, with chairs all set up and the piano moved in. Our choir is performing the Pergolesi Magnificat in just one short week. I could have sworn we had two weeks to go, but I guess I was wrong. We got a late start on this piece this fall and we've had some members miss practice because of work, sickness and vacation, so we needed to add an extra practice today. Our organist was late because he had a flat tire when he went to get in his car. While he was getting that fixed, our choir director stepped in to do double duty, but she is a director, not an organist, so we ended up singing all but the last song acapella (which really helped me a lot) then Dan arrived and accompanied us on the last song. We all decided that singing in the library was great, we could hear each other better, the sound was better, it was cozy... I hope we can continue to practice in there instead of the social hall where we usually practice.
We practiced for about an hour then we were let go to do whatever we had planned, a few of us stayed and helped Diaconate decorate the church for Christmas. I'm on the Diaconate so I had to stay anyway, and David either volunteers or gets volunteered to help out. He was needed for the tree and I'm pretty sure the banners. I noticed the banners were up and I don't think the other guys like getting up that high on ladders any longer. It ended up taking 10 of us 3 hours to would think that putting up a tree and some garland swag would take hardly any time to accomplish, but you would be wrong. Looks are deceiving. Our church is so  very pretty now, with all the greenery and bows and poinsettias and lights.
After practice and decorating, we headed on for home and because we had nothing in the house to eat for lunch that didn't require a lot of preparation, we swung though Arby's drive-thru, picked up some sandwiches and ate them at home.
I had promised Annie that we would go for a walk when we got home, and I didn't want to break my promise, plus it was really nice out, so we went for a nice long walk. Once we got back from our lovely walk, we, actually I, decided we should decorate our tree and the inside of our house as long as we were on a roll, so we got all the Christmas bins down from the garage rafters, and lugged them onto the porch. David tended to the pond heaters while I decided what I wanted to decorate with.
We worked for a few hours then I sent David to Target for some Claritin and bacon. I wanted to make French toast and bacon and I really needed some allergy meds. I made dinner which turned out very yummy, we popped in Chronicles of Narnia and I decorated the tree while David worked on getting the lighted deer to actually light. He really didn't want to do this, so I'm really glad he did.
I finished with the tree, set other decorations around the house, swept the floor and vacuumed all the needles off the carpets, put the bins back on the porch and now I'm sitting here in front of the computer.
I got alot done today!!! I'm figuring tomorrow will be a No Energy day. That's how it usually happens with this Fibromyalgia, so when I have some energy, I milk it for all it's worth.
Oh, I forgot to mention, it started snowing while I was moving bins from the garage to the porch and it is still snowing more than 6 hours later. I had backed my car out of the garage while we were getting the bins down and left it out while I decorated. I ended up having to brush a good amount off before I could put it back in the garage. I guess winter is here to stay.