Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Linked - Rivers April

Wow, April has come and gone already. Time seems to move so much faster the older I get.
Because of our lovely Spring weather this year "snort" there still hasn't been much change in the Mississippi River, at least not where I live.
It has been steadily rising, but not yet flooding any of the markers we watch.
Our biggest marker for how high the river is getting is a fishing pier near Hwys 94/694

The water usually comes up over the top of the pier and floods the parking lot. yay I'm keeping track of it though, it's strange the things I find interesting and stimulating (I always liked going to the Emergency Department to draw blood when a trauma came in too).

I guess I never knew I could see three of the bridges from the walking path, maybe because there used to be a LOT  more trees down here, more likely I'm just a lot more aware now that I'm taking pictures everyday.

This island used to be full of trees that were full of Heron nests...but no longer, some of the Herons relocated south and some relocated north to Coon Rapids. This rookery was so nice to watch because it was so close to the shore.

We decided to walk a different part of the river this week and went up to the Coon Rapids Dam. I don't think it's nearly as pretty up there, but then I don't live there, so I'm not partial to it. It's much flatter than by me, but it does have this dam, which was pretty cool and there are two Heron rookeries.

When I ran down to the river this last Sunday, in between spurts of rain, I saw these big puffy clouds and couldn't resist a few pictures of them.

Then there was this pretty rainbow...look how high the water is already. It will get higher, I will bet just about anything on it.

My friend Hanne and I are doing a monthly Linked river post...stop by and see her river...she's in Italy!