Saturday, December 15, 2012


Last evening, it was 34 degrees, very mild for December 15, and perfect for standing outside to watch a parade. Only normal winter clothing is needed, not snowsuits.

I don't know if other states have parades in the winter months, although it isn't officially winter yet, a week yet to go, but there is snow on the ground, enough to have to shovel and snowblow, so I'm going to say it's winter, but we sure do...we have a winter carnival too!

Each year, starting the day after Thanksgiving, to the the 23rd of December, Thursday through Sunday, Minneapolis has a winter parade down Nicollet Mall, from 12th Street to 4th Street, with illuminated floats and storybook characters. Each night, different people volunteer to bundle up in warm clothes and get fitted with an illuminated costume and depending what costume get, they will either be strapped into a harness on a float, or walking with others. There are marching bands in red and choirs with stars around their necks, way up high on a float. Santa always ends the parade, riding in his sleigh, waving and Ho Ho Hoing to the crowd.

You might think people would be crazy to stand out for more than an hour in the cold and the down drafts from the tall buildings to watch a parade, but the Holidazzle draws a crowd of about 300,000 a year, and it's great business for all of the stores and restaurants.

We are Minnesotan's...we live in the frozen tundra and we are a hearty bunch, don't cha know!