Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Speaking of rocks, we just ordered 1 ton of flagstone and a load of pea gravel. Ooh...I can hardly wait to get started, it's gonna be so pretty.
We were standing on the area the flagstone will go last evening, and fortunately the sun is blocked by the maple tree by the driveway, and the garage. We'll be able to sit out by the pond at dinner time and not be blinded by the sun. Yea!
I was going to get the pavers that are used for the round patios, and have the fire pit in the center, but when I was looking on Craigslist, I saw these flagstones and I caved. I guess I'll just put the fire pit on the flagstones instead of having it in the ground. We'll see I guess when we assemble it. They are multi colored, so they will complement the river rocks and boulders and red patio blocks that we already have.

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