Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As I said, we were starving, sweating, hot, tired, and cranky, and as we passed by the Hard Rock Cafe 2 blocks from our hotel, I just about left our luggageon the sidewalk and went in. We did manage to wait till we got settled though. Our waiter was extremely friendly and as we were talking, we found out he was raised in Chicago, moved to Walker MN, a very small town in northern MN, then went to Brown College in Eden Prairie, MN for broadcasting before decided that broadcasting wasn't how he wanted to spend the rest of his life, so he moved back to Chicago, is working as a server at Hard Rock Cafe and going to school to get his teaching degree. Small world! Teaching will be a great career for him, because he's a real "people person". We've been to the Hard Rock Cafe in London and San Francisco, so it was a given that we should eat at one in Chicago. Funny...we have not eaten at the one in MOA in MN, I think maybe we'll have to remedy that.

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