Friday, August 13, 2010

Things to do...

I have so many things to get done around here I don't even know where to begin. It helped that my Mom and sister came over this evening to Skype with Andy, because I just HAD to clean up my pit of a house. I vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, washed, dried and put away the dishes, put things back in their rightful place, and David got some basement stuff off the porch and picked up the leftover window well wood. [thank-you]
That was just the tip of the ice burg though, I still have many, many things to do...

put Andy's money in bank
clean 2nd floor bathroom
vacuum two sets of stairs
vacuum 2nd floor
pack up Andy's Rock Band instruments
pack Andy's cookbook
pack another box for Kira
pack Kira's baker's rack
trim Bridle Veil bushes
trim thing growing on fence
weed front bank
trim bush/trees on front bank
plant daylillies
weed back garden
and deadhead somemore
rake up apples
Herberger's for sweater and pants
grocery shop for a 'healthy' dinner
make that 'healthy' dinner
watch True Blood on line
draw a dog portrait
finish Annie's portrait
draw a cat portrait
draw another cat portrait
take pictures of portraits already done
take a relaxing bath

I would be extremely happy to finish the first six, then move on to the weeding, and I know I could finish it all, providing I don't even turn on my lovely computer, or iPod. Unfortunately I know myself only too well, and I can certainly put off until tomorrow what I should be doing today. Maybe I should start the day off with a Dunn Brother's Mocha IceCrema, or maybe I should just have one of my flavored coffees from Target on crushed ice. That would save me a bunch of calories. Yeah, the coffee along with my energy pills ought to do the trick! Better be off to bed then, if I want to get an early start on whittling down my list.

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