Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday - Wednesday Alphabet...

My camera decided I needed to start another photo challenge. It knows that I need the practice and without an actual challenge to make me pick it up, I will find other things to do (it knows me so well). So, I noticed some people were photographing the alphabet and I figured that sounded like a super idea.
Kira has agreed to play along, (I think our cameras had their own Skype date, made their own plans, then put the idea in my head!) They're tricky like that.
This is what we/they came up with: Starting Sunday, which just happens to be today, we take a picture/pictures of the first letter in the alphabet and post it, then on Wednesday, we will post the next letter and so on until we come to Zzzz.
They decided this set-up would keep them happy and maybe we would get better..snicker!

Here is what I decided on for the letter A - Architecture

Be prepared for picture overload...I thought she might like to see Minneapolis's been awhile.


P.S. This is open to anyone else that would like to play along, just let me know and I will add your link.

Wednesday...the letter B

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Kira Leigh said...

Arizona may have my body, but Minnesota will always have my heart and soul. *sigh*