Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday - Wednesday Alphabet

The third letter in the alphabet is C...for me this is for Columbine

This is a Columbine that was here when my Grandmother owned this house and I don't think it's possible to kill it...I've tried.
There are places in my yard that this pretty flower is growing like weeds (and when a flower is growing where you don't want it, it can officially be called a weed).
I have some of the more 'modern' colors too...purple, white and purple/white, but this one is very pretty with its' red and yellow and peachy pink.
Tomorrow though, I'm getting out my garden claw and going after a patch of these because they are growing where they do not belong, I just might add some Round-up to the plan. hahaha!

Bugs (my daughter) is joining me for the alphabet game, hop on over and see her C.


Kira Leigh said...

Pretty! I've always liked these.

Nancy said...

I guess I have a different viewpoint on plants that make themselves at home in places other than where they have been planted. I figure -- they are exactly where they are supposed to be, because nature put them there.

I love the red/white/yellow columbine. So very pretty. Lovely shot. :)