Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alphabet - K

Finally I've got my K

My K is for Kitchenaid my beloved mixer.

I love this mixer, although I don't use it very much...gluten free ya know. But rest assured, I will start baking again. I have four rapidly browning bananas on my counter, just waiting to be made into some delicious banana bread. I'm going to use my Kitchenaid and a recipe I found that also has coconut in it, swap the wheat flour for something else and cross my fingers. I really hope it tastes good, I hate to waste tasty, mushy, brown bananas on a flop.

This picture is really blurry, I took it with my phone, as I have lots of other times. Last night the camera on my phone just stopped working. After charging overnight, I reset everything, and it looks like there is probably something going on that isn't good.

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Liza said...

I love my Kitchenaid. I've cut out glutten out of my diet, too. I feel so much better since I've done this.