Friday, September 14, 2012

Linked 52- The Kitchen...

The kitchen seems to be the only room in the house that everyone wants to be in at the same time.

When I was younger, before children younger, I could work and carry on a conversation at the same time (without making mistakes), somewhere along the way, I lost that ability. I noticed this big time the last few "get togethers" I hosted.
People will come over, pull out a chair, sit down and talk...which is great, but I can't seem to function when I feel I need to listen to what they are saying, give back some sort of comment and finish what I'm working on. I get flustered...But, if they offer to help, I seem to be able to both carry on a conversation and finish those last minute preparations with no problem. Hmmm, anyone else have this problem???

Before Andy (my chef son) moved to Cincinnati, I helped him prepare and make four luncheons for
Noel at Noon Christmas concerts at our church. Back then, I still had to word my questions and comments just right so he wouldn't take them the wrong way and start an argument, so I was a little nervous attempting to cook with him. I found that my nerves were for nothing, he nicely told me what he needed help with and nicely offered suggestions to make the task easier. Whew, what a relief. After a while I got over the fear of possible arguments and let myself be Me. (this may sound a bit strange, but there was a period of about 3 years where we did not have a good relationship, and barely talked. I am very thin skinned, taking most comments the wrong way, and he liked to challenge and argue and always get the last word in. I finally figured out to stop talking when he started nit picking and it worked. Sort of like a reverse time out. I've always said he would have made a great debator. We have gotten over that horrible phase, thank you God for answering my prayers, and he has figured out a lot since he's moved, about why his Dad and I did the things we did the way we did...what makes us tick.

Anyway, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so people say, and I have to agree. It's comforting to hang out in the kitchen.
We used to have upper cabinets hanging over the peninsula, but I always ended up leaning on the counter and peering under the cabinets at who ever was sitting at the bar. I finally suggested taking them down and using them in the breakfast nook as a sort of hutch. We cut old spindles from our staircase railing and used them for short legs, I took the doors off the back and put in painted beadboard, took off two doors on the front and use that side for my cookbooks and finally I put on a painted top with some trim.
(We are so Green around here it sometimes gets depressing.)
Now I no longer have to lean so far down on the counter, although I do still lean on it.

This kitchen looked totally different when it was my Grandma's kitchen, but we remodeled it when I was pregnant with Andy, because it didn't have a good flow, or enough cabinets, the flooring was very strange, etc. If we were remodeling it now, I would do things much differently, but kitchens are very expensive to remodel and I can live with it the way it is. But, if we ever move, I want a large open kitchen with a huge center island that we can eat at. One like most of you have!

Here is the heart of my home...

you might be able to tell that I love tins...
I have lots more-
in my work room
and on the wall going to the basement
good thing my hubs doesn't hate them ;-)

this was my dinner Wednesday 
peanut butter on apples is way better
than peanut butter on toast
I had to share with Annie

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Heather M. said...

love this peek into your kitchen! and i have the same issue with cooking and talking. i think my brain changed when my kids were born.

Michelle said...

This is my favorite prompt in a long time. I love seeing into all these hardworking kitchens. They are the heart of the home and I feel like getting a peek at them is to know you better.

I love the seperate area where your barstools are. And you really have great storage. :) Love it.

Just Rhonda said...

Yep kitchens TOTALLY are the heart of the home. I just did food - not a shot of my kitchen. But I loved seeing yours!

Heather said...

Warm and cozy, love it.

Amanda Kelley said...

I love your kitchen!!!! It's the perfection between some new and some old!

stacey said...

Your kitchen looks so cozy and inviting. Who needs an island? i would totally eat there. :)

tracy said...

i love that your kitchen has such history and stories behind it. your pendant lights are so pretty. don't we all wish we could change a little something about our kitchen? it is so fun to see what yours looks like :)

Kristin said...

what a cozy kitchen, I love how warm it feels!

Tracey said...

I love your creativity with taking down the cabinets and making it into that hutch!! I think it looks great! I would have never ever thought of that. My creative brain doesn't translate to that stuff. Maybe it's bc I've never had the chance to do it since I've never owned a home?
Love the peek into your kitchen. And now everything I see "tins" I will think of you!

Jean said...

cute kitchen! i love that you did take out the cabinet over the peninsula. love where you guys put it! ;)

your kitchen reminds me of those cute diners. love the wall art!! :)

i am not one to argue and don't like debates for that reason. i always avoid because sometimes, my actions speak louder than words..... yikes.

Andrea said...

The kitchen is always the heart of the the home, isn't it?! Yours looks quite cozy and inviting. I can imagine sitting and chatting and drinking wine. Love your gas stovetop...someday I'll have one...someday. ;) I try to avoid the debaters, though I live with one. It can make for some tense and anxious times for me. I don't talk quite as much as I used to.