Sunday, April 28, 2013

Linked - Simple

I thought this word would be easy, until I started to think of pictures to go with the word, that was when my mind sort of shut down. I couldn't get past the word Simple and just a tiny bit of an idea. I ended up taking a breath and thinking of things that gave me simple pleasure, then I was on a roll.


cherry and spoon with the minneapolis skyline

amazing sunset bursts on a drive home

rolling hills of St. Croix Vineyard

the Lowry bridge

flowers..anykind will do

big cats roaring...he was Not happy

eagles, I haven't been able to get a really good picture of my eagles in the wild, so this will have to do

gibbons, especially when they do their screaming call

sunrises, I see the most amazing sunrises from the parking ramp at work

Check out what Simple means to these fabulous ladies...they all got theirs done on time...not me though!

AmandaCarlaHanneHeatherRhonda, JennTracey and Tracy


Heather M. said...

such gorgeous photos! i love that you shared such a variety of different things.

Hanne said...

Love the simple things that make you happy! The simple things are the best, right ! Love these photos!

tracy said...

lovely images :)