Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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We finally got Spring here in was a long time coming, and everything is all lush and green now. Of course it happens to be raining at least half of each week, which sort of helps with the lush and green part.
I really shouldn't complain, because the weather can abruptly change and throw us into a drought, so I'll just be happy with the rain and gloom and depression that comes with the lack of sunshine.

anywho...I took my weekly river pictures with my phone

This is as high as the river got before it started to recede, but with all the rain, it came back up again.

I decided to move on down river and take some pictures from a place called Mill City Ruins, right in the city.
I love wandering around, looking at the river, the ruins and all the different architecture in the buildings and bridges. There is everything from very, very old and abandoned, to old and renovated and very new and modern. Even the bridges are of different architectural design. And I have to admit, people watching is fabulous, never a dull moment!

I took this one from the bridge, looking down at the can just see the tip of my foot.

These are some of the buildings on the bank of the river. Above is the Guthrie Theater, which looks totally different than the original one, which was a few miles away.

Two shots of a ruin building and renovated condominiums...I would Love to live here, but it's just a tad bit pricey for me.


Above is the street side of the Guthrie Theater, and below is a cool reflection of the 
Gold Medal Flour sign.

And a last one from a mile or so upriver, this is where the Mississippi River Rats practice their synchronized water skiing.

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Hanne said...

Love your photos of "your" river - so different to mine! But both rivers so "powerful" !! Thank you for doing this link with me!