Thursday, August 20, 2009

After the air show...

We opted to walk back to the hotel, eventhough we had already walked several miles that day, because there were just too many people to try and wade through and the buses would have been packed. We walked along the boardwalk and cooled off with the breeze coming off the lake. We stopped at Starbucks and got a frapacchino, got to our hotel and colapsed. Wondering what we should do the rest of the night, I was opting for getting a pizza and vegging in front of the TV, we instead got a Subway sandwich and walked to Navy Pier. We wandered around the Pier for a while, David had never been there, then saw Harry Potter at the IMAX. It was 11:45 before the movie got out, but we decided to walk back instead of taking the bus. We would never have considered walking that far at that time of night in Minneapolis, but Chicago feels safer. Maybe because it's such a tourist spot, there are more people out and about. Kira and I felt safe 3 years ago when we were there too.

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