Friday, September 3, 2010

MN Zoo…

During Kira’s visit this week,  we made a little trip to our favorite haunt, the Minnesota Zoo. I have had a membership to this zoo ever since the kids were little (it really pays to have memberships to places when they are <18 years) and I now have a single +1 membership, so David and I can go whenever we want and when Kira’s around, she gets in free, or I can take a friend with me for free. Whenever we hear the pitter patter of little feet, we will get the Grandparents membership.

I can only go for a little more than two months without a zoo visit, and after that I get an almost overwhelming need to go. ( It’s really kind of strange, this need I  get).  I’ve recently been having  that feeling about the History Museum, I guess I’ll have to back there soon.

I took quite a few pictures, a lot of them didn’t turn out very well, even with a camera that can ‘do it all’ by itself. I always have to putter around, I’m certain THAT has nothing to do with it, so it’s a good thing there are fix-it choices in the pic ture files.

We went through the butterfly exhibit and I got some good pictures of some butterflies I’ve never seen before.

P1010624 P1010629 P1010647  P1010649 P1010648 P1010652 P1010651

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