Friday, May 4, 2012

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December 12, 1920 was the day this woman was born.
The world was just a bit different then than it is now.
When I think of all of the changes she has lived through, it sort of boggles my mind.
There were streetcars back then (we live in Minnesota, where there are no streetcars), rotary dial phones, party lines, no television, radio shows, stockings with seams, dresses, even in winter. Things cost a lot less, and they made a lot less. Here are the prices of just a few things...

1 pound bacon:  52 cents
1 pound butter:  70 cents
1 pound bread:  12 cents
1 pound chicken:  39 cents
1 pound coffee:  47 cents
1 dozen eggs:  47 cents
5 pounds flour:  41 cents
3 heads lettuce:  25 cents
1/2 gallon milk:  33 cents
1 pound peaches:  17 cents
5 pounds sugar:  97 cents
1 pound watermelon:  2 cents
10 pounds potatoes:  63 cents
1 pound round steak:  40 cents

Fortunately for me, (God willing) my family has longevity on it's side. My maternal grandmother was 94 years old when she died, my maternal grandfather was 80. My paternal grandmother was 96 and my maternal grandfather...I am not certain, my dad grew up with a stepfather, but I kind of think he was in his 70's?  My father died at age 60 from pancreatic cancer, and he was the youngest and the first of his siblings to die, and I think he was the only one that had cancer.
My mother is 92, and she has nothing wrong with her...except that her hearing is pretty bad. My oldest sister lives with her and complains All the time about her inability to hear (she hears me just fine, but I look at her when I talk to her, my sister, not so much) she tells me it's because Mom likes me better!
hahaha  hmmm  maybe

The thing that really scares me is the fact that when you get to be 92, your time is very limited. None of us know when we are going to die, but the younger a person is, the less we tend to think of it.

 My Mother is a beautiful woman.

She is sweet...


 Very shy........................................Hates having her picture taken............................but did it anyway...

for me!

I love her!

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jenn said...

Love that you took these photographs of her, she's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That last picture is so perfectly beautiful!! Oh, so happy you have these lovely pictures of your wonderful mom. :)

Our lake cabin had a party line phone which was the most bizzare thing ever to experience as a kid. Your mention of it brought back all kinds of memories for me. :)

Heidi said...

What beautiful shots of your mom - my mom is camera shy too but I need some more pictures of my mom and determined to take them this summer when I visit her.

Jean said...

omg. my mom (and dad) loves the camera. we grew up w/ my dad always having a fancy camera.. hence me loving photography. hehehe. i kind of am jealous of everyone posting photos of their mom for this link. makes me wish i could have visited her this week especially for this. but i have next week to photograph her for mother's day and won't dwell on it..

you're mom is so cute! that's true.. i have bad eye contact when speaking to ppl but if one had trouble hearing, making sure they can see you isn't a bad idea. i have a sister that can't hear so well in her right ear though we joke about it and whisper into that ear, we make sure she heard us :)

have a great wkend! :)

Tracey said...

What a beautiful post!!! How special to have these photos and words of her too. This made me cry. You are blessed. :)

Amanda Kelley said...

This has to be my favorite of your posts---EVER! Amazing job! Your mother is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Andy Goettsch said...

Gramma!! I Love you!

* SIMPLE SEQUINS * said...

Oh - cute ! I'm hopping over to join your wonderful blog. My mom would be 96 this year. She passed in her 87th year. I miss her. I love hear about daughters who love their vintage mommy! ~ Renae

* SIMPLE SEQUINS * said...

* ooops, 'hearing' *

Andrea said...

Beautiful photos of your mother. She doesn't look 92 to me! She must have a young spirit. :)

stacey said...

Oh Janet, I absolutely loved this post and loved hearing about and seeing the photos of your mother! That last photo....I adore it. She is beautiful!

Heather M. said...

these photos are just beautiful, janet. i can't imagine all she's been through in her 92 years. so glad she let you take these of her.

sara said...

what a beautifully sweet mom you have.
i love these, especially that last one!

such a wonderful post!

sara said...

what a beautifully sweet mom you have.
i love these, especially that last one!

such a wonderful post!

Carla said...

She is a beautiful woman! These are great photos of her. I hope my mom makes it to 92! Good for her.