Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dust rabbits...

I've been cleaning lately, not that I don't clean on a regular basis, but lately I've been Deep Cleaning. One room   at a time, I move furniture so I can vacuum up those dust bunnies rabbits that slowly evolve over the summer months. I dust the backs of dressers, the entertainment center, mirrors and pictures. I dust the walls and the ceiling fans. I put items I no longer want in a pile for donation. I clean doors and molding and floor boards. I clean windows, both sides, then close the combinations for winter.
During the summer, between work at the hospital and keeping up with the gardens, the inside of my house is rather ignored, unless company is coming, then I go into panic/witch mode and, well...I feel sorry for my husband. Then there are those summer days when the temp. is high, the dew point is high, the humidity is high and my fibromyalgia flares up. I don't even bother to try to get anything done when I'm having a flare-up. I've learned that it just doesn't work, my energy level is so low that it seems an effort to move from one spot to the next. Air conditioned buildings help because of the lowered humidity, so I usually end up wandering around HomeGoods or Barnes&Noble, or seeing a movie. Of course a Dunn Bros, small, skim, vanilla IceCrema with an extra shot of cold press helps too. ( a Dunn Bros IceCrema will help anytime!!!)
So...when the weather turns, the temps. drop, the humidity and dew point are low, I get an abundance of energy and I clean. I get such a sense of accomplishment when everything is clean and tidy, and doesn't smell.
This weekend will be the final cleaning...http://www.zerorez.com/ will be out to suck out the furnace vents and clean the carpets. Those furnace vents should be absolutely frightening...it's been 9 years since they've been cleaned. (I can't believe I actually put that in print, how embarrassing.) It's a little pricey to get both done at the same time, but then it's only one guy roaming around my house, and I only had to make one phone call. Fortunately I just happen to have this weekend off, so I can help with the furniture moving and I won't come home from work and start complaining that things aren't back to their proper place. See, I can even admit that I would complain!