Monday, July 30, 2012

Linked 52 - Time...


Lately, whenever I am in my kitchen for any length of time, I start looking at how dark it seams to me. There's an awful lot of wood in my kitchen, with the stained cabinets and floor.  I think the trend now is for painted cabinets. I could buy painted cabinets, but there is no way I could take a paint brush to them...not oak. I would refinish them in a lighter stain, but not paint. 
So, that leaves painting the walls, and paint is a relatively inexpensive way to change up your surroundings. 
My older sister once told me (when my kids were young), "you could have nice things too if you didn't have children" Can you believe that???? It still bothers me and it's been years. I guess she thought she could say this because she's got money and never had any children, she probably said it because she has no tact and usually speaks without thinking. Geez, I hope she doesn't really think then speak because that would be really mean. 
Anyway, I decided it was time to paint the kitchen, because I can't find any material that I love for curtains, well, that's one reason. I have these dark cafe curtains and with the darker walls and all the wood, it sometimes feels claustrophobic. I wanted some retro material like I have now, but with a light background, but of course I never find what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it. I thought maybe stripes, but I couldn't find anything with my colors that I like. Then the other day, as I was walking around JoAnn Etc., I saw this paisley print that had all the right colors, so I asked the woman at the cutting table for a little sample, and she did just that, gave me a little sample, but turns out, it's big enough. 
I've decided on the light cream for the walls and I might paint the beadboard a slightly darker creamy shade. I figure with the lighter walls, the things I have on the shelves will pop out more.
My next dilemma is whether I should make cafe curtains or if I should hang them from the top of the window  by shower curtain rings on a metal or wooden rod. I'm leaning toward the longer curtains with the rings and rods.
I'm pretty excited to start painting and because I have NO extra time this week ( Beaker finally went live...for you nurses out there, so far, even with all the extra hours and all the bugs that weren't there in production but are there now... like Beaker, it's going to make lives so much better), maybe by waiting, I will end up finding a 50% off coupon for a single cut of fabric at JoAnn's. Fingers crossed!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Linked 52 - Summer...


hot, muggy, drippy, sweaty
intense sunshine
weeds...big ones
dry grass
huge water bills
flowers of many different varieties
riotous color
butterflies, bees
mosquitoes, yellow jackets
vegetables, herbs from our garden
strawberries, raspberries, blueberries from our garden
grapes, apples, pears from our garden
farmer's market
gorgeous sunrises
glorious sunsets
no energy to do more than sit 
lots of energy to garden for hours
road trips
biking, hiking, exploring
lakes 10,000 of them
fishing, camping, smores
boats, canoes, water skiing
Lake Harriet concerts
picnics, sangria, margaritas
early morning or late evening walks with Annie
fireworks = calm chews and thundershirt
sitting on the patio
sitting on the deck of Psycho Suzi's
suntan on choice body parts
Dairy Queen
lemonade, iced tea
being able to see at night to drive
lawn mowing
dappled shade
our pond
thunderstorms, rain
full rainbarels
unexpected rainbows (see below)

I've never liked summer very much because it's so dang HOT, (I'm more of a spring/fall person), but after I listed out what summer means to me, I've realized that I actually do enjoy it...quite a bit, humidity and all.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Linked 52 - Family

Family, whew, we haven't all been together for over two years.
Andy has been home a few times and Kira has been home a few times but those times haven't been at the same time.
I've got my fingers crossed that we can all get together for Christmas this year, as I already know Kira will be here and Andy is much more family oriented than I had ever thought, so I think he'll be exciting, my chicks all together, and that's only a little more than six months that I have to wait. Too bad that the time will actually fly right by. I swear, the older I get, the faster time goes.
Scary  :-(

Meet my crazy, wonderful, talented family...I love them all to pieces!

My youngest, Ethan

My middle, Andy

My oldest, Kira

Da boys

Andy and Kira

Umm, not sure I know these people...





Cheers from my hubby

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Alphabet - R



This year we picked more raspberries than we ever have, now granted, some years we had a lot of berries and chose not to pick them for some very poor reasons, we either didn't have time or we were too lazy or we just didn't want to get eaten by mosquitos, scratched by raspberry thorns and have spiders crawl on our hands when we reached for a berry.
We decided to mostly work together this year and get out there and pick them together...hmmm, it wasn't nearly as bad as years past. By working together, we have picked well over four gallon bags full of raspberries. That's a lot of berries, which are all frozen right now, and when Colorado peaches are in season here in Minnesota, we will make up some Raspberry Peach Jam. We'd also like to make some Raspberry Chipotle Marinade. YUM!
For some unknown reason, the berries were large and firm, they have usually been much smaller and softer, turning to mush when washed.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Linked 52 - Red, White, Blue

We had every intention of getting out to some 4th of July festivities, but we ended up being too hot and tired to go out.
We already had a chance to see some fabulous fireworks on June 23 at Earle Brown Days, where we get close enough to lay on the ground and have them explode right over our heads. One year we were in the wrong place and the wind carried hot ash and cinders in our direction. Let me tell you, fireworks are HOT!

After working in the garden and straightening up our potting/work area, after having dinner, after showering (in my case cooling off in the tub), after choosing a movie from Netflix, the draw of fireworks wasn't great enough for us to go back out into the hot, sticky, buggy night.

And there went my plan for red, white and blue pictures for this post.
I don't have red, white and blue clothing.
I don't have anything red, white and blue in my home (I like Autumn colors)
I don't even have any red, white and blue flowers...but...I had frozen vanilla yogurt...and raspberries fresh from the garden...and blueberries (not fresh from the garden, but this time next year they will be) and
a sundae sounded pretty tasty.

It was quite good.

Then, while I was sitting at my desk, about to work on this post, I looked up at the calendar hanging on the wall right above my computer, and noticed that it was July (go figure) and Wow, look at that, we have red, white and blue! Some times I scare myself.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alphabet Q...

Whew, we are off schedule here, but that's okay because she's my daughter and she's busy with two jobs and sweltering, never ending heat and missing home and yada yada yada...(I've giving her a break, my excuse is...hmm, I really don't have one, except for the fact that I just didn't get it done, I procrastinated, because I am a procrastinator.

I chose for my letter Q, quilts. I have a quilt in the guest room on the main floor, one on the daybed in the dual use guest room/David's office, one in the master bedroom, I have a quilt hanging on the wall leading to the second floor, another quilt hanging on the wall in the upstairs hallway and I have a very special quilt in my workroom lovingly made by my very talented daughter (the one doing the alphabet with me). I love quilts and I really do want to make one some day, I've been saying I want to make one for about 30 years, so the chance of me actually making one is pretty slim.

The quilts I have...

These last three pictures are of the quilt that Kira made, with all of my comfort colors.
 I just love it!

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