Friday, July 6, 2012

Linked 52 - Red, White, Blue

We had every intention of getting out to some 4th of July festivities, but we ended up being too hot and tired to go out.
We already had a chance to see some fabulous fireworks on June 23 at Earle Brown Days, where we get close enough to lay on the ground and have them explode right over our heads. One year we were in the wrong place and the wind carried hot ash and cinders in our direction. Let me tell you, fireworks are HOT!

After working in the garden and straightening up our potting/work area, after having dinner, after showering (in my case cooling off in the tub), after choosing a movie from Netflix, the draw of fireworks wasn't great enough for us to go back out into the hot, sticky, buggy night.

And there went my plan for red, white and blue pictures for this post.
I don't have red, white and blue clothing.
I don't have anything red, white and blue in my home (I like Autumn colors)
I don't even have any red, white and blue flowers...but...I had frozen vanilla yogurt...and raspberries fresh from the garden...and blueberries (not fresh from the garden, but this time next year they will be) and
a sundae sounded pretty tasty.

It was quite good.

Then, while I was sitting at my desk, about to work on this post, I looked up at the calendar hanging on the wall right above my computer, and noticed that it was July (go figure) and Wow, look at that, we have red, white and blue! Some times I scare myself.

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Anonymous said...

That is a delicious interpretation of the theme! ;) Glad you were able to lay low and stay cool on the 4th. Sometimes there is nothing better than doing nothing. :)

Jean said...

i love the cherry on top!

i love dipping my chocolate covered strawberries in sprinkles. i do that quite often. it just gives it a crunch ;)

Carla said...

This is a great interpretation of the theme! It looks delicious (and fresh). Such a perfect treat on these terrible hot days.

Kristi said...

"Sometimes I scare myself." - You are funny. And your red, white, and blue sundae is making my mouth water.

Tracey said...

love your interpretation of the the theme! Yay for summer berries!