Sunday, July 8, 2012

Alphabet - R



This year we picked more raspberries than we ever have, now granted, some years we had a lot of berries and chose not to pick them for some very poor reasons, we either didn't have time or we were too lazy or we just didn't want to get eaten by mosquitos, scratched by raspberry thorns and have spiders crawl on our hands when we reached for a berry.
We decided to mostly work together this year and get out there and pick them together...hmmm, it wasn't nearly as bad as years past. By working together, we have picked well over four gallon bags full of raspberries. That's a lot of berries, which are all frozen right now, and when Colorado peaches are in season here in Minnesota, we will make up some Raspberry Peach Jam. We'd also like to make some Raspberry Chipotle Marinade. YUM!
For some unknown reason, the berries were large and firm, they have usually been much smaller and softer, turning to mush when washed.

See if Kira has her R done yet!!


Kira Leigh said...

I did my r, finally! While I don't have fresh raspberries, they are $.97 here right now! I bought three packs. Yum!!

Hilary said...

Oh you have me drooling, here! I love raspberries. Lovely crop you have.