Monday, September 2, 2013

Linked 2013 - Everyday Life

Everyday life around here is pretty ho-hum, I sort of feel like I have lost my purpose in life now that my kids have left home to live their own lives, even though Andy is back in Minnesota and living with us. I really can't say it counts, because he is only staying until he gets caught up a bit, he stays in the new room downstairs and I rarely ever see him because he works so late. Not nearly enough for me to do to fulfill my Mom purpose.
Since Annie died, it's been even worse, because I lost my walking buddy. I walk with my hubby, but he's perfectly able to walk on his own without needing any help from me.
I work four days a week, I do most all of the mundane housekeeping chores and I do 90% of the flower gardening and zero percent of the vegetable gardening (I have to leave something for my hubby to do, right??)...oh, oh, I'm probably in trouble now ;-D
So, what have I been doing everyday that doesn't involve my job and homestead upkeep??
I have been taking pictures.
I have been taking LOTS of pictures.
I always have my phone with me, so I always gave a camera with me, and with Projectlife365 on Instagram, I take at least one new picture each day, (yeah, right, one a day hahahahahahahahaha)
and I am loving it...

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