Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alphabet Q...

Whew, we are off schedule here, but that's okay because she's my daughter and she's busy with two jobs and sweltering, never ending heat and missing home and yada yada yada...(I've giving her a break, my excuse is...hmm, I really don't have one, except for the fact that I just didn't get it done, I procrastinated, because I am a procrastinator.

I chose for my letter Q, quilts. I have a quilt in the guest room on the main floor, one on the daybed in the dual use guest room/David's office, one in the master bedroom, I have a quilt hanging on the wall leading to the second floor, another quilt hanging on the wall in the upstairs hallway and I have a very special quilt in my workroom lovingly made by my very talented daughter (the one doing the alphabet with me). I love quilts and I really do want to make one some day, I've been saying I want to make one for about 30 years, so the chance of me actually making one is pretty slim.

The quilts I have...

These last three pictures are of the quilt that Kira made, with all of my comfort colors.
 I just love it!

See what Kira chose for her letter Q.

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Kira Leigh said...

I totally chose quilt for q before I even saw that you did too!