Saturday, June 30, 2012

Linked 52 - Lighting, experimentation Part 2

So, I took my camera and tripod out to the pond last night and tried to get a better shot of the waterfall...
well, seems as though my camera doesn't want to take a picture with the auto focus on, it wants me to use my inferior eyes to try and focus on water and rocks in the dark, not happening.
I have a difficult time focusing during the day, even with changing the power to the viewfinder, so when
all the light is taken away, I'm pretty much just working on blind faith, which wasn't with me last night as you can see by the blurriness.
Anyway, this is what I got and it looks like stabilizing the camera on a rock works just as well as using a tripod, who woulda thought.

( I tried to load these last night only to find that the monitor on my laptop is BLACK. I tried a few things that didn't work and went to bed. This morning, same thing. I Googled My laptop screen is black and tried all the helpful hints, but I think it is DOA. I now have it plugged into my TV, but that's a little hard on my eyes and neck. Not quite sure what I'm going to do yet, I had decided to save up my overtime pay for a new camera, that's the only way I can justify spending a shit load bunch of money on something I just want, but a laptop might need to come first. Dang!)

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Tracey said...

don't you hate it when you have a chunk of change saved up and then everything breaks and you have to prioritize? I just spent that nice chunk on tires for my car. Yay! I soooooo wanted to buy tires for my car!