Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday party...

My family, consisting of mother, sister, sister & brother-in-law, husband, firstborn and the baby, had a combination Russian Orthodox Easter/my birthday party today at my sisters. We had ham, sausage, hard boiled eggs, bread, poppyseed bread, potato salad, and jello. Yum! This bounty was blessed last night at the Easter service, (except for the potato salad and jello), and it is always eaten cold. It might sound a little odd, but that's the way it's done and the way it will continue to be done. I would never think of eating cold sausage, but when it's blessed, it tastes great. We also had birthday cake, which I will blog about, and cake balls, and angelfood cake. Ugh! No wonder I feel crabby. I suppose no one forced me to eat it though.
I got new measuring spoons and cups, some things to put outside by my pond, and money to go buy some plants for around my pond.

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