Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday a large pork tenderloin (that I had thawed, and wrapped in a plastic bag) leak blood all over a shelf and everything else that was on it. I noticed later that it had also dripped into one of the crisper drawers. So, I think just about any woman can attest to this, one can simple not clean just one shelf of a refrigerator. You can maybe wipe up a little spill here or there, but when it comes to something bigger, well, that's a good excuse to clean the whole thing. You get to find lost items pushed way back behind frequently used items. You get to carefully open lids, peer inside and wonder, "What is that?!?!" You get to throw out containers with just a smidge left in them. You get to remind yourself to date containers when you open them, (this is what we are required to do at, time and initials) so why don't I do it at home?! It would make life so much easier. I wouldn't have to warn my husband (who will eat ANYTHING) that what he has in his hand is very old...he shouldn't eat it...I wouldn't eat it...just THROW IT OUT. Maybe I'll have to write myself a note!!! ha! ha! ha!
Now that I'm done and my fingers are all pruney, I stand in front of my open refrigerator and everything is all shiny and clean and Organized and new looking...until someone (my husband) roots around in it for something to eat.

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