Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big move...

Well...it's official...my firstborn child, my daughter, my friend has moved out. I've been wanting her to move for awhile now. She was in Oregon this last summer for a zoo internship, and I flew out there to drive back with her at the end of September. We all thought she would be getting a zoo job pretty quickly, but NO. The recession set in full fold. So, we thought maybe she could get a job doing something else, because, really, she has a four year degree. Well, it seems that a four year degree only means one thing...you have a four year degree! Anyplace she applies to wants experience to boot...and how does one get experience if no one will hire them?? Internships are one answer, but they don't pay anything, and it's hard to live on "nothing". Now that her college loans have come due, that makes it even harder. She could get another internship, but that would not guarantee her a job.
Anyway...she just happened upon a deal she couldn't pass up. Her oldest childhood friend's grandmother moved out of her home into assisted living and the family was trying to sell the house, but when that didn't work, they decided to let two of their grand daughters live there. My daughter happens to be a friend, so she moved in too. She's got the teeny, tiny room, but it's so pretty. She painted the walls a creamy yellow, and one wall dark purple. She has a black wrought iron bed, and baker's rack, and her dresser is painted black. The black looks great on both the creamy yellow and the purple.
So anyway, about how I feel about this...it's way different than when she was at school, because I knew she would be coming back, but this time, she's NOT coming back. Unless something catastrophic happens.

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Kira Leigh said...

Yeah, but as if I ever actually leave. I go to work and I sleep there, and I come here. I'm sure that will change one day, when all my stuff is gone. maybe I'll have to leave something here and keep forgetting it so I have more reasons to keep showing up.