Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hurry up...

We just found out that Kira may be moving back for a while. The house she is living in belongs to her bestfriend Mandy's Grandmother. Her other roommate's (Mandy's cousin) parents are selling their house because of lost jobs and the decline in the economy, in other words, foreclosure. So, they will be moving into the house that the three girls have been living in for the past year, in just a couple of short months. Good warning, huh?
The cousin will be moving her room to the basement, the parents will be taking over the cousins room and Mandy is more than welcome to continue living there as long as she likes (cuz it 'will be fun') and Kira can live there for as long as she NEEDS to. I don't know if she caught that in the email, but I sure did. Eeww, why would she want to live with someone else's parents? Not cool!
So, it kind of looks like Andy will be leaving and Kira will be coming back at probably the same exact time. Yeow, that's going to be hard.
I certainly do not mind in the least her moving back, because we get along great, but I do worry about her state of mind. She seems to wither when she is home, and it's hard to watch. She is much better away from me, and being independent.
She asked me to look over her cover letter and make changes where I saw fit. Well, I'm not in the habit of looking at cover letters or resumes because I've worked at the same place for nearly 34 years, so I asked Andy to take a look (he does hiring is his position). He made some changes and gave some ideas that we hope will help get her foot in the door.
All she needs is a chance to talk to the person that matters, because she CAN DO the job, without a doubt. She IS an animal person. So, I'm praying that with her new cover letter does the trick and she will be able to get a zoo job and all will be right with the world.
Anyway, to make a short story way too long, we need to buckle down and get the basement done for Ethan. At least we only need to do the one side right now, seeing as the permit is only for Ethan's room. I do want the other side changed though. It needs new carpet and I want actual walls and a ceiling. It's too dark and cold right now. Then he can move down there, Kira will have to do with the tiny room until Andy leaves, then she can have his room.
This is all temporary!! Right?
I like to think of it as having a place for everyone to stay when they come back for a visit. Once Ethan has moved out to a place of his own, we will have a bedroom suite in the basement, and a guest bedroom on the main floor with twin beds (or bunkbeds if my kids have kids) so they'll all be welcome.

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