Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today is the day I was born, 54 years ago. Wow, that sounds like a long time. It is in a way, but my mother is 89 and my mother-in-law is 94. They are both still going strong, and I hope I am at that age. I hope I GET to that age.

I had a great day. Went to church, we announced that we chose a new minister, talked with a bunch of people about that, got my birthday present at an antique shop in Anoka, did a pile of dishes (washed and dried and put away), cleaned the wood floors, went to eat at Punch Pizza in Nordeast Minneapolis, ended with cake at Mom’s.

Our interim minister made some remarks about how the congregation should make sure the new minister is someone ‘they’ want, not a person that the search committee wants. He said to make sure they don’t listen to any rumors they may hear and to ask a search committee member if they do. He ended up putting doubt into their heads. The seven of us on the search committee are very confident in our choice. We are all unanimous in our choice. We all love our choice. We think (hope) that the congregation will agree with us.

My present from the antique store is a cast iron pedestal. I’m going to mosaic a top for it, to be used outside on the patio by the pond. It will look great next to a couple of Adirondack chairs. I can’t wait, but I must…there are things that NEED to get done first.

Mom, Barb, Karen, Reg, Ethan and I all had pizza at Punch. I warned them all that it wasn’t your ordinary pizza. Mom was a little skeptical at first, but she ended up eating everything but the crusts.  Barb and I each brought home 2 slices of pizza. We had Angel Food cake with chocolate pudding/cool whip frosting. YUM!

Andy got me a bunch of different purple flowers that are sitting on my dining room table, and they look very pretty sitting there.

Whenever my family gets together, someone usually is having a bad day and makes things miserable for all, but not tonight, we got along, talked, told stories and just had a really nice time.

I had a really nice day! :)

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