Saturday, May 1, 2010


A mini storm front just moved through. There was the flash of lightning, the rumble of thunder, the drumming of rain, not to mention the frantic panting of my crazy collie Annie. David got some calm tabs and I stuffed them in her mouth then I went around closing windows and along the way grabbed a banana…yum! Once back upstairs, it started to hail, well we have a 1950’2 tub, toilet and sink on the deck and we were concerned they might get damaged, so we covered them up with cardboard and a rug. The Hibiscus plant got to stay on the porch tonight too. On the way back upstairs, I grabbed another calm tab, just to make sure she doesn’t have a heart attack or something. I looked out the window towards my mom’s because something colorful caught my eye…they have color changing lights!! Wow! They look pretty cool from here. While I was admiring the lights, my eye was drawn to this bright light in the sky, the moon. It’s not a full moon anymore, but pretty close. It’s tinted yellow and huge and just absolutely beautiful. South of my house is all clear sky, stars and a huge moon, while north of me is thick patchy clouds, clear sky and stars. Hmmm, strange night!

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