Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grizzlies and a campsite…

For bear awareness week, the MN Zoo set up a couple tents, a backpack and a cooler in the bear exhibit. At 10:00 sharp, the bears were let out of their overnight digs and out into their transformed outdoor area. They spied those tents and went right after them, sniffing and pawing and finally walking over them trampling them flat. They ripped open one and found a big exercise ball (which they were not interested in at all) and a bunch of branches with some especially tasty leaves. Two of them sat down and started snacking on the branches. The third bear was off at the other campsite stomping on a cooler. He was jumping up and down trying so hard to get the cooler open and when he finally succeeded, he lost interest. I couldn’t see if there was anything in the cooler although we did notice apples near it, but they may have been in the tent. Last of all, one got after the backpack and shredded that to pieces. All together, it took them about 15 minutes to destroy everything, but only about 3 minutes to get the tents apart.

So, a word of warning, make sure your campsite is bear proof if you are camping anywhere near where bears are.

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