Monday, July 26, 2010

Window well...

David worked on the window well on the east side of the house this weekend. This one is made with 6x6 pieces of wood, with built in steps. He got it almost done and it should look real nice once it's finished. We'll be able to put pots of plants out there on the steps.
While he was working on that, I was cleaning up the area around the window well, namely the original three ponds. They were so, so overgrown with all of those tall purple flowers that we have growing ALL over the yard. I don't know what they are, but they are quite invasive, with a tuborous root system. Eeyuk!! I took out a bunch of daylillies and hostas too. I figured I could transplant the daylillies over by Martin's fence so I wouldn't have to weed so much over there, and the hostas were too close to the pond and pretty thick.
My shoulder is throbbing now, and the tightening muscle is pulling on my clavicle. Pretty much my shoulder to my jaw hurts. Oh well, I'm old, what can I say.

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