Sunday, August 8, 2010


I was closing the blinds in my bedroom this morning, (because my husband left them open) to keep out the light while the air conditioner was running. I saw something dark brown caught in between the screens on the north side bedroom window. It looked a little like a bunch of wet, decomposing leaves. I knew it wasn't that, because it's only August, and the leaves wouldn't look like that until next spring, after they've been closed up in garbage bags all winter. Upon closer inspection I discovered that it was a bat. Now there is hardly any room in between the screens on combination storm windows. Maybe 1/2 inch, but he squeezed himself in there. I took several pictures which look just like what I'm seeing, the problem is that it hardly looks like what you would think a bat looks like. If you can imagine it squished into a 1/2 wide space though, maybe you do have a picture in your mind.
I'm hoping that he's smart enough to get himself out of there, because I have no intention of giving him a helping hand.

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