Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The following day of Mom’s 90th birthday, my sisters Barb and Karen and I had a surprise birthday party for Mom with some of her “card ladies”. Barb got all the paper products and a Bingo Game, Karen made a cake and I made individual chicken pot pies and jello. Barb got Mom out of the house by telling her she wanted to get a new snowblower at Menard’s and she would drop Mom off at WalMart. Karen and I decorated and got things ready while they were gone. Mom’s lifelong neighbor Dorothy was in charge of contacting the “card ladies” and letting them park at her house. Barb did some fancy driving on the way home so Mom wouldn’t accidentally see the cars in Dorothy’s driveway. We had the ladies come over about 20 minutes early just to be safe.

The ladies were all sitting around the table when Mom came through the door and they yelled “Surprise, Happy Birthday!” Mom was so excited! They chatted for awhile then started in on Bingo, and a mean Bingo do they play. haha!

We served lunch about an hour later and they all raved about the pot pies, making me promise to give them the recipe. (oops, I have yet to do that) They sang Happy Birthday, ate cake, drank lots of coffee and then there were cards and presents. Mom would give each one a ‘look’ when there was a present or money involved. That’s my Mom! She had a great time and was very surprised and very happy. It’s not everyone that gets to celebrate 90 years.





Happy Birthday Mommy…I hope you have many more. I love you!

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