Monday, May 16, 2011

Mama Squirrel…

Well, I think Mama Squirrel took her babies away. We watched her carry one in her mouth this morning, this was quite a site because she wasn’t much bigger than the baby. She would run a few feet, stop and catch her breath, run a few more feet, rest a bit, then up the fence post, across the fence and down the other side. I think she was going to the neighbor’s pine tree. After I left for work, David watched a while longer and he saw her get her little “trouble maker” across the yard. He didn’t need to be carried like the other babies, he was able to follow her on his own, but still, she would stop every few feet to make sure he was indeed following her, and hadn’t fallen into the pond. They climbed the fence and went towards my mom’s house, which is where all the peanuts are, and this is one reason why I think maybe there were two families living in that tree. The one that went towards my mom’s was probably offspring from one of the squirrels my sister feeds. They come to the safety of my yard (with my dog and cats) and make a nest to have their babies, then leave to gorge themselves on peanuts! Hmm, our birdseed isn’t good enough for them, huh?! They were extremely entertaining, and I’m actually sad that they are gone. I wonder if we’ll have a family of red squirrels again. They are even cuter than the grey squirrels, but they are just little devils, especially when they get older. Attitude!!

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