Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was sitting here in front of my computer, my usual place, and looking through some photographs and I came upon the Gibbon photos I took when Kira was home over Easter. We ALWAYS go to the zoo because that is just what we do. I love it. No matter how many times I’ve been there, I can always see something new.
Animals at the Zoo
Tropics Trail
Venture into the world of the rain forest where lush, green foliage and beautiful orchids envelop guests along a winding path. Playful lemurs, inquisitive gibbons and agile tree kangaroos are just a few of the animals waiting to be discovered at each turn. Beauty and unique wildlife first attract you, but the Tropics Trail also showcases several of the world's  biodiversity "hotspots"—areas especially rich in species found nowhere else that are also at extreme risk of destruction.
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Animals on the trail
Bali Mynah
Colobus Monkey, Black and White
Coral Reef
Crocodile, West African Dwarf
De Brazza's Monkey
Fruit Bat
Herps, Tropical
Hyrax, Rock
Komodo Monitor
Lemur, Red Ruffed
Lemur, Ring-tailed
Loris, Pygmy
Malay Great Argus
Otter, Asian small clawed
Red Panda
Red River Hog
Tamarin, Cotton-top
Tamarin, Golden Lion
Tree Kangaroo
Warty Pig
IMG_5680        IMG_5708
This is our favorite trail to visit mainly because of the Lemurs and the Gibbons. Every now and then the Lemurs will cling to the chain fencing covering their exhibit and rattle it while do their screamy yell. You just have to hear it. When they do that, they get the Gibbons whooping, although it doesn’t take the Lemurs rattling their cage to make the Gibbons whoop…
What They Do
Gibbons live in small family groups made up of a mated pair and their young offspring. Early in the morning, the group often “sings” in unison to claim their feeding area. Instead of physical conflict, the adult pair defends its territory with a loud vocal duet that can be heard for miles through the forest.
Kira made a recording of their “song”, I really can’t say that I would call this a song. I could be in the worst possible mood and this would make me giddy with laughter.


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Now it works! You should go watch the 2 music videos on my blog.