Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Phone…

Finally, I am moving into the world of smartphone technology. I grew up with rotary phones, black & white T.V., room size computers (for business only), stingray bikes with sissy bars and banana seats and no central air-conditioning. Young people these days don’t think twice about paying for cells phones and internet service, flat screen televisions and cable. I try to look for the very best deal I can possibly find for anything I want to buy because, I’ll admit it, I am cheap!

Within the last couple of years I started a Facebook Profile and now, darn it, I’m hooked. tsk, oh well, what can I say?! Everyone around me takes photos with their smartphones and uploads them to Facebook. They Google, they Blog, they listen to music, they send email, they play games, they watch Netflix. Well, I can only see something cool for so long before I want it too.

I seem to be easily influenced I guess, because lately I have been doing a little searching for smartphones. I was bound and determined to get an iPhone because I’ve been watching Andy with his and it just looks so cool, and I have an iPod and already know how to use it. Then I got to thinking, what would I do with my iPod??

Ethan’s phone completely died a couple months ago and he couldn’t get another like it without having to pay for it, so he was using my old phone which was about 3 years old. He really wanted this indestructible phone, so when he got some money for graduation, he immediately stopped in to Verizon and bought his phone. Kira has been talking about a new phone for months also because hers just turns off for no reason. She also wanted an iPhone…really bad. I figure if both of them are getting smartphones and they are on my Family Plan, well, I guess I should too.

Because I’ve purchased phones through Wirefly before, they send me emails every now and then. I just happened to get an email last Friday, and I spent some time looking at the different phones they were offering through Verizon for FREE!!! I liked the DROID Incredible 2 by HTC the best, so I forwarded the email to Kira for her to look at also. She was having a difficult time thinking about a phone other than the iPhone, but when she realized it would be FREE instead of $299, she stopped in to the Verizon store, played with a few phones, and became a convert. She agreed the DROID Incredible 2 by HTC would be an agreeable alternative.

I ordered them online and it all seemed to go smoothly, but then, like everything else in my life, there were snags. My phone # was not listed as primary on my Verizon account and instead of the phones being free, they would now be close to $200 each! I was able to stop in to the Verizon store and talk to a real live person and get this snag changed, (after having a little stress induced crying jag).  My phone # is now primary and our phones should be here by the middle of next week. Kira will still have to wait a bit longer than that, because I will have to resend it to her new apartment in Phoenix.  Nothing is simple when you are cheap! hahaha

Here’s a photo of the DROID Incredible 2 by HTC



Kira Leigh said...


beth said...

that's the phone i have now and it's great. but i feel left out as the rest of my family all have the iphone...and since i have a mac computer...well hello iphone in a few months when i can trade up :)

Hilary said...

Yes, I have the Droid, and after a little learning curve, I think I have it. Now I'm hooked.
Can't imagine being without it....isn't it funny/grand how life changes???