Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This picture doesn't do justice to the the actual taste of this red/orange sauce, which tends to grow on you.

I used some of our hundreds of fallen, bruised, wormy apples, added some nice crab apples from the Farmer's Market and threw in two peaches to make a strange but yummy sauce. Two peaches for the amount of apples I used was too much, and tasted a bit chewy. I will leave out the peaches with the next batch. I could add some raspberries...I wonder how that would taste, I'll make just a small batch.
I peeled, cored, cut out the bruises, and worm holes, cut them into chunks and into the crock pot they went along with the crab apples and the peaches. I set the crock on low and left them to cook overnight. There is no added sugar or liquid, yet it is very sweet. After the first couple of tastes, it grows on will be better without added fruit1

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