Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 6 and counting...

I'm grateful for a couple things today, one is the website Project Free TV, where I can watch just about anything I desire, even HBO's True Blood and Syfy"s Warehouse 13. If you haven't seen Warehouse 13, you really must give it a try, it's funny. There was a website I found last year where I could watch True Blood, I even forwarded it on to several friends, but this year it just would not work for me. When Andy was home last, he was watching something on his computer, when I heard the familiar HBO sound. It would be an understatement to say I was a little excited. I tried it, it works, I love it!! Enough said.
The second thing I am grateful for today, is the fact that I am still alive and in one piece. I worked today and we were commenting on the fact that it will be busy tonight at work because of the first snowfall of the season. People totally forget how to drive in snow, as did a man in a pick-up truck that I happened to be following down the ramp onto Hwy. 100 from Bottineau Blvd. There were three of us, a pick-up, then me, then another car. We were more than 1/2 was down the ramp and I was looking at the truck, then I noticed that the ramp wasn't wet, but shiny with ice. I put my brakes on just a tad and apparently the pick-up did the same thing except he put them on too hard. The pick-up started to fishtail back and forth and my first thought was...I just got my car fixed a couple of months ago, I don't want to crash my car, then, it will cost me money, Oh my God, what if the pick-up hits the wall and flips over, how can I get out of the way, there is no where for me to go. Thankfully he either knew how to drive well, or he was used to fishtailing with his pick-up. What ever the case, he was able to straighten out and not hit anything and I think it kind of scared him because he was driving real slow once we got onto Hwy. 100. I continued driving home, said many 'Thank-yous', and watched additional pick-ups and some cars just speed on past me. Jerks!

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