Sunday, March 4, 2012


March 4: Tree

A few years ago, we bought a River Birch clump to replace a red maple that just up and died.
It too has needed a little help since we planted it...seems it needed a bit more water than we anticipated.
After giving it the water it wanted, along with some fertilizer, it now seems to be doing wonderfully.
I love how the bark peels away, and all the different colors show through. It's tempting to grab hold
and start peeling, but...I know that wouldn't be a very good idea. When the leaves are all in, it gives just
the right amount of light, dappled shade.


Country Girl said...

River birches love water. My husband went to school for dendrology. This is the only reason I know this! They love being right next to creeks. And rivers!

Carolynn said...

I saw your comment at Chronicles of a Country Girl...and thought I'd come over and prove you wrong. *grin*

This is an awesome shot! Love the perspective, the texture and the colour.