Tuesday, March 6, 2012


March 6: Chores

I had a really hard time posting this photo.
I don't mind washing dishes, usually, but I still consider it a chore.
I can't complain that it is Always me that gets stuck washing them,
because my husband does them quite often, now that it's only the
two of us dirtying them.
This is a tiny little pile, (compared to what is there now) and I should
have done them as soon as I got done taking photos, but I chose to
take advantage of the beautiful, almost Spring weather and go for a walk.
I guess I will get off my butt and go wash them, before I pull up
Supernatural on Netflix!


Jean said...

I don't blame you! It was nice out! Another day wouldn't hurt, right? The dishes will be there, but the gorgeous weather wouldn't. That's how I feel about the laundry. . . .

Naomi said...

We must take advantage of any nice weather here! It was beautiful! Dishes can wait.... :)