Friday, April 20, 2012

Linked 52 - Growth

I had a difficult time thinking of something to write about for this word. I read the other blogs trying to get some inspiration.
My kids aren't little anymore,
I'm not going through any big personal growth,
I'm not in need of His help at the moment, even though I know He is with me at all times,
I have a yard full of things growing...ack!
I'm in a good place right now, life is going smoothly, peacefully, with no real ups or downs. All three of my children are now living away from home, two in different states. A little less than two years ago, my husband and I drove a U-Haul full of our son and his girlfriend's possessions to Cincinnati Ohio, got them settled, then took the Amtrak back home, packed up our daughter's car, then she and I drove to Phoenix Arizona where she had a zookeeper job at the Phoenix Zoo waiting for her. I got her settled then flew home. This all took place within nine days. Whew!

Less than one year later, our youngest son moved in with some friends for several months, then this past January, he and his girlfriend moved into a house they are renting.

I have accepted all of these changes with barely a tear...why no tears?! Cell phones and Skype. I text a lot with my daughter and have regular Skype dates with my son, and the youngest son we see often.
My husband's siblings are spread out all over the country and I remember telling him that I feared having my children move to a different state when they grew up. I really did not want that to happen, I want them close to me, I want to have them over for dinner, get togethers and bonfires, but what happened anyway?!?
Arizona is a Long way from Minnesota. Missouri (they moved again) is closer than Ohio, but still too far to just bop on up for a weekend.
I'm praying that they will both be able to move back sometime soon, or at least just one state away. I miss my babies!
So, after writing all this, I guess maybe there is some growth going on here, I've grown into an "Empty Nester", and it's okay, I'm okay.

They are all doing fine, fairly happy, Kira hates Arizona (too damn Hot), but the zoo is great, Andy doesn't care for Springfield, he's a chef and there aren't any high end restaurants there (he's not learning anything new at the one he's at), but he's there more for his girlfriend right now, Ethan is doing just fine.
So, I guess until something happens with one of them, I will just continue to grow into my job of wife...hmmm!


Anonymous said...

I love hearing your perspective as an empty nester. I actually think about this scenario often. What if my kids move far away? Thanks for putting your thoughts down. I'll hope that yours all move home someday and you have big group bonfires. :)

Liza said...

I agree with Michelle. You have shed some perspective on an empty nest. I crave them on the really bad days but can't imagine them being so far away. Cheers! You deserve that toast!

Tracey said...

I loved reading your thoughts. I love having someone older and wiser to observe and see how she is getting along. It amazes me that life is just one long series of changes. Praying that this next chapter for is a time of getting back to yourself and learning something new!

Hilary said...

I know how hard it is when your babies move away. My older one has been on his own (and through university and now in our Canadian military) since he was 19. He'll be posted on the other side of the country next month. I miss him terribly. And yet, there's comfort in knowing that we raised them to be independent. A job well done. Enjoy that wine. :)