Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday - Thursday Alphabet...

Happy Mother's day!

Word of the Day:  mama bear n.
(slang) A woman, especially a mother, who is 
extremely protective of a child or children.

Today we have the letter E, e, for elephant, egret, early, emu, eleven, eBay, egg.

Farm fresh, organic, free range beautiful brown eggs. 

I got my first taste of a free range, brown egg on a farm in Shaftsbury England, several years ago when we were on vacation. I searched for "family lodging" and found a bunch of farms that had cottages for rent. It was stunningly beautiful there and I really hope to go back some day, (check out the website and try not to drool)

Anyway, I had this bowl full of cracked eggs and proceeded to scramble them up with some salt and pepper with a little melted cheese on top. YUM! Those were the best eggs I have ever eaten (up until that time, now I have eaten better by people who really Know how to scramble an egg!) They were fluffy and light and produced at least twice the amount that I normally got when using white store bought eggs...amazing.

Now I buy cage free, brown eggs from the grocery store and pay twice as much as white eggs, but my children have guilted me into it. (I guilt very easily) 

I would really, really like to have a few chickens in my own yard (they would need to be caged, but they would be in a very large area), BUT my city (Brooklyn Center) does not yet allow chickens or ducks or geese etc. Minneapolis on the other hand, does allow them, and they are the next city over. So does St. Paul, so BC, get with the game!!

Until the laws are changed, I guess I'll have to make due with store bought.

Kira is playing the alphabet game too, check out her E.


Kira Leigh said...

We are guilting little shits, aren't we!

ZeldaMom said...


Hilary said...

Kids are good at opening our eyes, sometimes.. those times that we don't want to just close them to shut them out. ;)

I'm planning a move out into the country soonish (which is partly why my blog visits are scarce, these days) and hope to find free-range and organic food to eat. Everyone tells me how much better it tastes and that we'll never go back to the mass produced foods we find on the city grocery shelves. I'm looking forward to that.

Your photos of the common egg are just beautiful.