Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sunday - Wednesday Alphabet...

Wednesday (on Thursday) is the letter D...

I was thinking of Dogwood bush, or Dhole (Asian wild dog), or doors - I saw some really great doors at
Mayo Clinic, but that seemed a bit far to drive for a picture, then I thought of daughter...I have a daughter,
a daughter that is doing this alphabet photo challenge with me. Perfect!

Here is my letter D = Daughter

These were all taken from the scrapbook I made for her (I'm keeping it safe until she has a home of her own) with my cell phone. I purposely scratched a lot of the photos, so the quality isn't too great...I like them this way.

Hop on over to my daughter's blog and see what she looks like now...oh yes, take a look at what
her D looks like too!

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