Friday, June 1, 2012


Hmmm, looks like I'm making a habit of posting late (this should have been Wednesday) ah well.

J j J...for me J is jars.  I like to use jars for my dry goods, specifically flour, sugar, gluten free flour, brown sugar, and raw sugar. If I don't keep this stuff in jars, midway through summer, I have beetles. I know they are in the flour all the time, but in the warm weather, they hatch and I just can't eat them when I can see them. So...keeping it in jars helps slow down the process some, and I think they look cool.

I had an extra jar, so I thought I would give it to Bob's Red Mill.

It was the norm to keep goods in glass jars during my grandmother's early married life. I found several of the same kind of jars I bought at Target, that were left in this house by my grandmother. The lids are different and the design is a bit different, but that's it. (If I really wanted to, I suppose I could paint the lids of my jars to match the ones from years ago...IF I wanted to.)

I put some of the old kitchen cabinet hardware in one. I have a difficult time parting with things that are from my family, and again, I think it looks cool.

We do a lot of canning, so we're always on the hunt for cheap canning jars. I have a few of these blue Ball jars, and I also have one green Ball jar complete with the metal lid clamp. I use it for a toothbrush holder (and it is all hard water spotted, so I'm not taking a picture of it) and you will just have to believe me when I say it is beautiful!

My daughter collects unique Ball jars with lids. Most of them are very little and I think she uses all of them for a variety of different things.

Check out Her post for J.

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