Monday, June 25, 2012

Linked 52 - Swing

I've had a couple of visitors since last Thursday, so I'm a little late (good excuse, right?)

My husband got tickets to a Saint's game through work for the same weekend that we were watching his 96 yr old mother and having Kira home for a visit. Both of them decided they wanted to go to the game, his mother because she's a good sport and will go almost anywhere and do almost anything, and Kira because she wanted to be with her family.
Fireworks were scheduled to follow the game, but I'm not a sports person  (and neither is Kira) so when I started squirming and wanted to leave, we All ended up leaving. (they could have stayed and had Ethan give them a ride, but NOooo, they had to leave with Kira and I.
I didn't find out until the next day that my mother in law was really bummed leaving early because she was looking forward to the fireworks. Well, as it turns out, she got to see some fabulous fireworks the next night at Earle Brown Days in Brooklyn Center. (they really are the BEST fireworks display around).

Anyway, while at the game, I was able to get some Swing shots...

The hair and beautiful white dresses on these lovely "gals" was swinging as they worked very hard smoothing out the sand.

On Saturday, Kira and I took a drive to Stillwater and wandered around a bit.  She LOVES to knit and is exceptional at it, so whenever we are in Stillwater, she has to stop in Darn Knit to see what's new and pick up some extremely soft yarn. I on the other hand have no interest in knitting, so I sat on the bench outside swinging my foot and watching these pompoms swing in the breeze.

I also got a photo of just a few of the hundreds of motorcycles that rode up and down main street.

Swing by and see what these ladies say about swing...


Liza said...

What a great on the word. Love the swinging pom poms in breeze. C U on IG.

Liza said...

oops...and the missing word is..."take", Ugh!

Andrea said...

I was hoping someone would post some baseball swinging! Great shots. I also love the little poms swinging in the breeze.