Thursday, January 24, 2013

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eggs - if i had chickens
chickens - if we were allowed
bread - grinding my own flours

for the past few years, i've been planting herbs in a large pot that i sit out in the garden
(they are extremely easy to grow) along with other vegetables and fruit.
i can't wait to have fresh lettuce again, there's nothing like tearing off a handful of different
lettuce leaves for a fresh salad...yum.
once all the other vegetables have produced and are dying, i clean off the herb pot and bring
it indoors for the winter, so i can then have fresh herbs for cooking until approximately april..
they just won't last any longer than that, at least for me.

well, this past summer, instead of planting herbs in a pot, we planted them directly into the ground
great idea - they grew like weeds - but we ended up having nothing to bring indoors to savor over
the long cold winter

for me, january is a fresh new month of a fresh new year and i find myself cleaning and purging and
simplifying my surroundings. i make plans for the much anticipated spring and summer, usually
while soaking in the tub ( i do my best thinking and planning in the tub). i look for new recipes
and call my son for help making those recipes taste good when i need inspiration, and i love
to use fresh herbs in those recipes. i've usually been able to find already potted herbs at
bachman's, the home depot or cub foods, so now that i've got the craving...
you got it, there are NO potted herbs to be found, except for a few rosemary and sage.
i bought one of the rosemary, don't want the sage and basil isn't out yet. i'm hoping there
was a run on fresh basil and by next week, one of these places will have more in stock

i could certainly plant them from seeds, but right now i want instant gratification

visit these ladies and get some fresh ideas...

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Jenn said...

It never occurred to me to plant herbs in smaller pots and bring them inside in the winter. Great idea. And your food looks yummy. :)

Just Rhonda said...

I LOVE fresh herbs. I have them growing in my kitchen too!

Jean said...

Yum. You are making me hungry!!

I know, I wish we were able to have chickens in our city, too. I think that's crazy because I am sure some dogs are worse w/ their barking.

Anyway, stay warm! :)

Carla said...

I love fresh herbs. Cilantro is my favorite. I love basil too but I cannot get on board with rosemary. Freat pics.

Tracey said...

Totally making me salivate sitting here. Ha! I love fresh herbs too! And I wish I could have chickens!

tracy said...

I think you just inspired me to plant some herbs - but I want instant gratification too. I'll be looking for some herb plants soon... :)

Anonymous said...
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Amanda Kelley said...

Winter leaves us so blah...I miss those summer salads. YUM!