Thursday, July 25, 2013

Linked 2013 - Me...

Before I attempt to say a few things about me, I would like to thank those of you that left condolences on my last post, they meant the world to me, and those of you that did not leave a comment, thank you too, I know who you are :-)  and if you haven't read it and you want a good cry...

This is a difficult post to write, I rarely ever talk about myself. I've heard that everyone likes to talk about themselves, but in my case, that would be wrong.

This is my second attempt at this post, so, here goes nothin'..

I was born April 18, 1956 in Minneapolis, MN, so yeah, that makes me old enough to be your mother!
eatyourvegetables brushyourteethbeforebed sayyourprayers
I'm an introvert - big time
I sang in my highschool choir and now sing in my church choir
I listen to music in my car, but I rarely listen to it at home
I hum the same tune Every time I start working, or cleaning, or, and I can't stop, I don't even know what I'm humming.
These things make me giddy with excitement:
     Universal Studios
     The air show we saw in Chicago, three years 
     The hospital helicopter taking off or landing
     When rescue vehicles sound their sirens during our city parade
I love jeans and sweatshirt weather
My signature style is a tank top under a short thin sweater with jeans or pants
I love flip flops
The house I live in used to be my grandparent's house. We remodeled it with a family room, second floor and a three season porch
I have lots of flowers to take care of
I am Mom to Kira, Andrew and Ethan
I am wife to David
I have one grandpup, one grandkitty, and a grandsnake
My first tattoo was done when I was 49
My kids think it's cool that I'm not computer illiterate
I love to draw animal portraits in graphite and flowers in colored pencil
Obsessed is probably an understatement when it comes to my camera(phone) and my Canon 7D *sigh
I look at things differently since Instagram :-)
Fibromyalgia has been my constant companion since 2002...what a stupid thing, no one knows how or why one gets it, but I constantly hurt in specific places
I try very hard to eat gluten free because I've read that it could help with the pain, and it really does
I also try to avoid high fructose corn syrup and ready made dinners
Aspartame will never again touch my lips, or chocolate
I love frozen coffee drinks, especially Dunn Bros. non-fat pumpkin icecremas
I am obsessed with eventually making a tasty, crisp gluten free pizza crust
The last time I had my hair highlighted was December 2011, my gray hair is actually coming in white, I like white
My eyesight is horrible, I've worn glasses since 5th grade and my eyes are too dry to wear contacts anymore - damn
I love action movies with lots of explosions
I would love to be a special effects person, or a set designer or an architect
I would Not be a medical lab tech if I had my life to live over, not a bad job, just not what I'm interested in
I used to smoke
One of my ears is double pierced
I had braces
I get monthly massages
I had a drug during labor with Kira that pretty much knocked me out, I hated it
My other two were natural, no drugs or epidurals or anything else
I could be the woman that goes off on her own, squats behind a rock and has her baby
At my hospital, they use both versed and fentanyl for a Colonoscopy, I found out the hard way that fentanyl makes me throw up
I was given an anti nausea medication during my eye surgery after I told them the versed and fentanyl they were going to use makes me sick
I've had a sleep study
I've had eight cats and eight dogs, two of the cats I still have
I'm not sure how long I'll last without a dog
I love soaking in my claw foot tub
I love a good thunderstorm
If we ever move, it will be to the country with open rolling hills where I can see beautiful sunrises, sunsets and watch thunderstorms roll in
I don't have a dishwasher
I try to go for a daily walk
When a greeting card makes me cry, I know it's the one to buy
I can't watch those ASPCA comercials, even with the sound muted
I cry watching the St. Jude Hospital show
I like dark colors, Kira calls them my comfort colors
I'm not a girly girl, nor have I ever been

 Age is just a number...I do not feel my age (I may look it, but I don't feel it)

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peace, love and happiness to all


Hilary said...

I really, really loved this.....and we have so much in common....I could have written a lot of it, though I draw the line at having babies behind rocks. :)
You look fantastic at any age. I was told that my white hair is "Norwegian blonde".

rachel said...

wonderful list, thanks Janet :)

Hanne said...

Thank you for sharing - you're not that introvert anyway! :-)
Enjoy your weekend!

Amanda Kelley said...

I had so much fun reading this post. I actually re-read twice. I love the grandpup, grandkitty, grand snake. I agree with you I can't watch the ASPCA commericals either! Your absolutely right. Age is just a number!

Thanks again for sharing!

Jean said...

my mother had all 8 of us naturally. she cringes when my sisters use any western medicine.
i think it's super cute how you live in your grandparents' home.
i don't have a dishwasher either, i grew up not having one w/ a big family too so i think i could handle the two of us. most hmong families barely use their dishwasher anyway.
i like to dress girly girl sometimes, but my personality sure is NOT!
i think the country would suite me well, too!

totally enjoyed reading this list.

Janet Kay Goettsch said...

Thank you Hilary, Norwegian blonde huh? I can go with that, except I'm not Norwegian ;-)

Janet Kay Goettsch said...

Ha! Yeah, I really am, and you have a great weekend too!

Janet Kay Goettsch said...

Thanks Amanda, I was talking to my daughter today (I think she's your age, and she isn't even interested in dating anyone while she's in AZ., because she doesn't plan on staying there), and my boys recently broke up with their girlfriends, so four legged grands are all that I'm planning on ;-)

Janet Kay Goettsch said...

Yeah, I think I'm just built to have children, ha!
We had a dishwasher, but when it died, we didn't replace it. I never liked how the glasses felt.
Thank you!

Janet Kay Goettsch said...

Thanks Rachel

Andrea said...

I loved reading this post about you! So interesting to learn a bit more about YOU!
Funny how so many of us bloggers are introverts.
I'd like to hear more about your lab tech sounds interesting to me.
LOVE thunderstorms, and we hardly ever get them.
Fun post. Thanks for sharing.

Hilary said...

A very enjoyable post and like my namesake upstream, we have much in common.. so it didn't surprise me to read her comment to you as she and I have found much in common besides our names, also. And you are not old enough to be my mother.. you're just old enough to be my younger sister (by ten months). ;)