Saturday, April 4, 2009


Kira and I sort of got "elected" to do an art/healing project for church. Our theme for Lent was Transformation and Healing. Our church is going through some big changes and bringing the "Artist and GLTB" people to try and save our church is one of them. The Art/Music committee decided to have some sort of piece made with broken shards of pottery. They know that my daughter and I are up for just about anything creative, so they decided we could create something. (well they did sort of ask). We decided on a large wooden beam cross that we could put in our courtyard. We need to have most of it done by Maundy Thursday, and finished by Easter Sunday. I just realized late last night that this coming sunday is Palm Sunday. We haven't even started it yet. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. So...looks like we're gonna be kinda busy tomorrow. cool!!! I'll post a picture when we finish.

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