Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thrift Store

I'm off to the thrift store today to pick up some interesting pieces (dishes, pots, cups, etc.) to use on the cross. Some of our church family left broken pieces, but they are a little boring and I think the cross needs a little boost.
I also need to pick up some Dragon's Tears before Maundy Thursday. We'll have spots left bare for people who wish to add to the cross, so they can attach a tear for themselves. Hopefully we can make some sort of design with them. Sometimes it doesn't pay to have a real concrete plan because it just backfires. My plan for this is very far away from concrete. I just want it to turn out well enough that I won't have to hide my face in shame whenever I look at it, or when someone comments on it.
The one thing about the church family, is that they are very appreciative of anything special done. They ooh and aah about it even if it looks horrible.

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