Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poppy seed

My 88 yr. old mother and I are going to Kramarczyk's Deli today to pick up some poppy seed.

The Russian Orthodox Easter is April 19 this year and it's a tradition to make poppy seed bread. This is sort of an acquired taste. If there should be a "new person" eating with us, we ALWAYS make the "new person" try a piece. Some of them Love it and some just wrinkle their nose and leave the rest sitting on their plate. We Love it.

But...it needs to be make just right. The dough has to be rolled thinly, and the poppy seed filling needs to be THICK. If it's too thin, or there is too much dough, we just complain, complain, complain. There will be pieces of bread dough all over our plates, from us picking the bread apart to eat all of the poppy seed filling.

The older I get, I've found out that I cannot eat too many pieces and still feel well. It seems to be doing strange things to my innards. YUK!

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Kira Leigh said...

I have no ick yet, so I;m still good! More poppyseed!!!