Sunday, May 17, 2009


Beware of eating any kind of sticky candy if you have crowns. I have four crowns and I really should know better, but I just love Bit-O-Honey. I was on my 4th piece and I debated whether or not I should even eat it, but I popped it in and went upstairs in search of the 'Monkey Bread' recipe on It looked so darn good...sweet, gooey and delicious. On my way upstairs, I felt something hard in my mouth and figured it was a nut in the candy. Turns out it was my crown. So I panicked and called the dentist...of course it's Sunday afternoon...and no one is there, but they took my number and said a Dr. would call back. She did, pretty quick too, and told me I could use regular toothpaste as a glue, or I could get some temporary stuff at the drugstore, or if it didn't bother me, just call the office in the morning and they would get me in to cemment it in place. The charge for opening up the office for an emergency is $180.00 and she didn't think it was necessary for me to come in today. So, I guess the yummy dinner I had planned of BBQ ribs, cole slaw, spuds and the gooey delicious Monkey Bread will have to be leftovers for me. There is no way on Gods green earth I'm eating anything that could get in my open tooth and reak havock.

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